Logic Announces New Patent

E-cigarette manufacturer is first to offer a "puff counter"

Melissa Vonder Haar, Freelance Writer

LIVINGSTON, N.J. -- Eli Alelov, president and CEO of Livingston, N.J.-based Logic e-cigarettes, shared with Tobacco E-News that his company has officially been issued a new patent for a “counting” screen to keep track of how much they left on disposable e-cigs.

“This will be the future of the electronic cigarettes,” said Alelov of the puff counter. “With cigarettes you can open the pack and know when you need to go to the store to buy more. You don’t have that with electronic cigarettes now. No one is counting the puffs as they smoke, so they never know how much they have left.”

With data being stored by an electronic chip, the new technology will give users the option of displaying how many “puffs” are left, how many virtual cigarettes are left or a simple color-coded line indicating how much vapor is left in a given product. Logic is the first electronic cigarette company to be issued this kind of “counting” patent.

Alelov stated Logic expects to start manufacturing disposable e-cigarettes featuring these counting screens within the next year, having them for sale by early 2013. And while their products already have an international presence and are sold at more than 15,0000 convenience stores in the United States, Alelov believes this move will further establish his company as an industry leader.

“This new technology will redefine the players and who people want to use,” Alelov said. “It will redesign the landscape of the industry.”