The Top 8 Vaping Purchases

Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP

Man vaping

MIAMI — E-liquid is the No. 1 purchase for shoppers who are into vaping, according to a recently released study.

The study, which surveyed 300 vapers earlier this spring, provided a road map for the types of electronic cigarettes and vaporizer products emerging as popular sellers.

“The possibilities for aftermarket product sales for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are numerous,” said Michelle Blair, vice president of sales for V2, the Miami-based online retailer of e-cigarettes and related products that commissioned the study. “In addition to e-liquid, there is real revenue potential in sales of component parts and accessories, like batteries or carrying cases.”

Post-market maintenance of e-vapor devices offers a sizable retail opportunity with the markup on accessories typically 200% to 400%, Blair said.

“The recurring sales potential adds up to a very profitable picture for any retailer who can attract loyal vapers,” she said. “It’s very reminiscent of the mobile-phone category, where device adoption has reached an all-time high and retailers are integrating more and more accessories and component parts at store locations to drive revenue growth post-purchase.”

Convenience stores lag behind smoke shops and vaping stores with regards to sale of these products, the study found.

Here are the top eight types of vaping products survey respondents said they purchased ...

No. 1: E-liquids


When asked to pick which types of accessories they had previously purchased, respondents most commonly chose e-liquids, at 71%.

No. 2: Batteries


At 59%, batteries were the second most popular product among respondents.

No. 3: E-liquid Cartridges

E-liquid Cartridges

Coming in at No. 3, e-liquid cartridges received 54% of respondents' picks.

No. 4: Tanks


Tanks for vaping received 49% of respondents’ votes.

No. 5: Chargers


Close behind tanks, chargers came in at 48%.

No. 6: Cases


Cases received 31% of respondents' votes.

No. 7: Mods


At No. 7, mods received 28% of respondents’ votes.

No. 8: Drip Tips

Drip Tips

Rounding out the top eight products were drip tips at 27%.