What Does the Future of Tobacco Look Like?

Angel Abcede, Senior Editor/Tobacco, CSP

Ploom smoker

NEW YORK -- The future of tobacco appears to be running parallel to the emerging and evolving technologies that include electronic cigarettes and “heat-not-burn” devices.

In a recent newsletter, Bonnie Herzog, managing director of tobacco, beverage and c-store research for Wells Fargo Securities LLC, New York, provided an early look at several pending products and technology from manufacturers that could be the future of the category.

Here’s how she sees tobacco’s future …

PMI tests Teeps

Teeps Heets

As previously reported, Philip Morris International (PMI) is nearing a market test of a product called Teeps.

Herzog said it looks and feels more like a cigarette than current vaping products in that there’s no “device” involved, and users light it with a match or lighter. She said the product will have faster consumer acceptance given awareness of PMI’s more established iQOS device and will benefit from supply-chain efficiencies.

“We are nothing short of impressed by [PMI’s] highly thoughtful and strategic approach to developing the [reduced-risk products] industry,” Herzog wrote.

More development

Nicocig Mesh

PMI has revealed plans for two additional technology “platforms,” Herzog said. She described the third set of products as “nicotine-containing vapor via chemical reaction; no tobacco,” and the fourth platform of products as “nicotine-containing liquid heated electronically; no tobacco.”

Testing new technologies

Cigarettes of the future

British American Tobacco, London; Japan Tobacco International, Tokyo; and Reynolds American Inc., Winston-Salem, N.C., are all testing next-generation technologies ranging from e-cigarettes to heat-not-burn devices, Herzog said.