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Electronic cigarettes see recall, rebuke and revenue in first half of year


Proposals are 'nothing more than preening for moralizing, antifun busybodies,' tax policy rep says

CHICAGO and NEW YORK -- Lawmakers in two of the nation’s largest cities have mounted separate initiatives to ban most flavored e-liquids used in vaping devices, according to several reports. In New York, a bill in the House Assembly and a separate bill in the Senate are in different stages of...


Injunction or postponement of compliance deadline sought

WASHINGTON -- Three cigar associations are hoping that a federal judge will stave off an Aug. 10 deadline on warning-label mandates for cigar packaging, filing an appeal to a federal court decision that recently upheld the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s original decision to require the labels...

Deadlines pushed back 30 days for public feedback on new tobacco standards, regulation
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Agreement with e-liquid maker begins new options for vaping device
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Analyst raises concerns over border sales, federal action
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Agency seeks input on nicotine levels, flavors and premium cigars
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As traditional tobacco smoking continues to decline in popularity due to health concerns, some smokers are trying new devices and technologies to cut down—or quit altogether.
Sales per store per month rise 2.4%
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After passing state House and Senate, measure awaits governor’s signature