CBD Drink Market Recap: What Retailers Need to Know


CBD is at the forefront of product innovation across many convenience categories, boasting loyal buyers for edible, topical and vape-able formats. Familiar formats tend to bring products closer to consumers’ comfort zone, and convenience only adds to the appeal—especially for those new to CBD.

It’s for these reasons why CBD-infused beverages are currently among the most-purchased CBD products at the convenience store—and are also poised to see significant growth in the coming years.

Beverage sales set to expand

The c-store has long been consumers’ go-to destination for a quick drink on the go, making CBD-infused beverages a particularly appealing option for convenience shoppers. CBD-infused drinks are becoming a category staple with most c-store CBD consumers, and across markets nationwide, Statista forecasts $1.7 billion in CBD beverage sales by 2025.

Sales are relatively even between carbonated and non-carbonated CBD beverages, with carbonated drinks representing 47% of CBD beverage sales and non-carbonated representing 31%, according to BDSA. For this reason, retailers might consider offering a variety of CBD drink options, including not just seltzers and sodas but also juices and bottled waters.

Offering an array of delicious and thirst-quenching juice drinks is a particularly promising option given that flavor is the No. 1 deciding factor in which edible or drinkable CBD product a consumer chooses to purchase, according to BDSA.

Selecting a supplier

In short, beverages offer an excellent way for c-stores to invest in the growing CBD market and expand consumption among their consumer base. And to further set themselves up for success, retailers should choose a supplier who helps them address shoppers’ top priorities and expectations for CBD beverages.

While CBD continues to gain traction among c-store consumers, a lack of familiarity can be a deterrent to purchasing. According to Statista, the top three reasons adults cite for not wanting to try CBD are 1) they don’t trust the product or manufacturer, 2) they don’t believe the product will help them or 3) they worry about psychoactive effects. Fortunately for retailers, all three of these concerns can be alleviated by partnering with a trustworthy supplier, offering education and driving awareness among shoppers.

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