4 Facts About CBD Users

Half use cannabis for only medical purposes, study finds


CBD Gum Arriving in C-Stores in New York

Company expects product to be available in up to 500 retail outlets by the end of the month

Cross-channel researcher says c-stores are in fight over emerging category

Items include topical creams, sprays, roll-ons, lotions and salves

A number of state and local governments look to limit the sale of CBD-infused products

CSP outlines the opportunity in CBD products and how they vary from their cannabis cousin.

Agency will create a working group and hold public hearings in April

A curated list of stories on the uncertainty of product legality, quality

Final panel at CRU discusses legality, due diligence and in-store strategies for budding category

Retailer will open Tweed store in Ontario with Canopy Growth Corp. as partner

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