CBD category digest



CBD a 'Hard Challenge' for Regulators: FDA Commissioner

Agency will create a working group and hold public hearings in April


CBDs Move Through Murky Waters

A curated list of stories on the uncertainty of product legality, quality

Final panel at CRU discusses legality, due diligence and in-store strategies for budding category

Retailer will open Tweed store in Ontario with Canopy Growth Corp. as partner

The retail market for products containing CBD, is projected to expand rapidly in the coming years amid the growing acceptance of hemp and marijuana across the country.

The difference between marijuana and hemp, and how CBD fits in

A growing product category primed 'to grab lots of attention'

Commonly used terms for products in the loose category of cannabidiols

From gummies to tinctures, CSP breaks down the many forms of CBD

Sales today and projections for tomorrow

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