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A Mixed Bag of Salty-Snacks Sales Data

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C-store sales, 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

Convenience store sales of salty snacks were a mixed bag in 2013, judging by IRI figures. The largest segment, potato chips, saw units off 2.6%, and cheese and corn snacks both lost unit volume as well. On the upswing: tortilla/tostada chips, snack nuts, pretzels, trail mixes and ready-to-eat popcorn, among others.

Subcategory C-store sales
($ millions)
PCYA Unit sales
Potato chips $1,382.3 1.2% 884.1 -2.6%
Dried meat
$1,230.3 2.1% 515.1 -0.9%
$782.6 9.4% 433.4 5.6%
Other salted
snacks (no nuts)
$743.1 3.6% 419.7 1.5%
Snack nuts $482.3 7.5% 401.7 2.7%
Cheese snacks $457.5 2.3% 300.0 -2.3%
Crackers $384.0 5.7% 375.5 0.4%
Corn snacks
(no tortilla chips)
$350.6 1.2% 211.9 -3.9%
pumpkin seeds
$294.0 -4.0% 266.4 -9.6%
Pretzels $224.4 4.4% 147.9 6.7%
snacks/trail mixes
$183.1 19.5% 71.8 15.1%
Ready-to-eat popcorn/
caramel corn
$176.3 15.5% 109.1 11.4%
Pork rinds $155.9 1.3% 108.3 -2.9%
Toasted corn nut snacks $48.4 -13.7% 32.4 -15.1%
salted snacks
$38.2 23.5% 14.6 19.8%

Source: IRI

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