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Appeal to Nicotine Users With High Quality Tobacco

Adult consumers have been interested in all natural options when dining out and grocery shopping, and it seems these preferences are extending to other markets, like convenience—more specifically, tobacco. While shoppers at grocery stores are looking for organic veggies, and diners at restaurants enjoy farm-to-table sustainability, it’s often hard for convenience store retailers to cater to those shoppers who want a premium cigarette made with only water and tobacco; most tobacco companies’ cigarette brands are a blend of flue-cured, burley and oriental tobacco, and they often contain additives or other unnatural ingredients, which can be a non-starter for some smokers.

As the number of smokers declines from year to year, tobacco producers have to work harder than ever to capture their share of the market. One way they can do this is by ensuring their cigarettes and other tobacco products are of the highest quality. Consumers are interested in these types of products—data cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) shows that the market share of American Spirit, cigarettes made from “100% additive-free tobacco”, grew from 0.2% to 2% from 2002 to 2013. And other brands have started using claims of all natural or additive-free as a way to differentiate themselves.

Benefits of better tobacco

A new brand, Manitou, uses 100% flue-cured tobacco and is made with only tobacco and water. Manitou cigarettes are 100% free from any harmful chemical additives, humectants and synthetic flavors commonly found in other popular tobacco brands. Additionally, Manitou cigarettes are made in the U.S., from hand-picked tobacco from the upper part of the stalk, which provides the best flavor experience. These cigarettes contain no reconstituted sheet tobacco, stems or other fillers that can degrade the experience, making them a premium choice for choosy adult smokers.

While additive-free cigarettes are not safer than traditional cigarettes, many consumers prefer them because they feel they taste better or are more enjoyable for other reasons. For convenience store retailers, it’s important to offer an array of options for shoppers—both for those who have a favorite brand and for those who are looking for their new favorite. Manitou tobacco has retained its natural tannins that create the slightly sweet, mild taste and smell of smoked tobacco, and is higher in sugar with medium to high levels of nicotine, all of which contribute to a superior smoking experience. Best of all, Manitou cigarettes are available in six different varieties, each offering a different smoking experience. This not only ensures every smoker has the chance to find the best one for their preferences, but also means interested adult smokers can try a variety before choosing their favorite.

By highlighting brands’ commitment to quality, interested shoppers can make an informed choice, switching from their usual brand to try something new.

Retailers should place signage by the register to indicate there’s a new brand on the block—and that brand places natural ingredients and being grown and made in America as a top priorities. For consumers who are looking for a brand to be loyal to, one that touts its dedication to offering the best is an ideal choice.

Tobacco is still big business—CDC data shows that in 2016, tobacco companies spent $9.5 billion marketing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in the United States, and in that same year, about 258 billion cigarettes were sold. By ensuring customers have an array of options to choose from, including brands that boast natural tobacco with no additives, retailers can be sure they'll earn their piece of the pie.

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