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Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Back-of-House Solutions

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Retail workers in all industries felt the strain of keeping businesses and communities afloat amid the pandemic, and as convenience-store profits took a hit, many retailers were forced to lay off or furlough a portion of their staffs.

Now, as the country makes strides toward a post-pandemic world, c-store patronage continues to recover. With many consumers resuming their daily commutes to work and with many others planning to travel this summer, building up a robust workforce is a top priority for retailers nationwide.

For some, this is presenting a challenge. According to Technomic’s Nov. 2020 Ready for Recovery report, 51% of surveyed retailers said one of the biggest challenges facing their businesses was hiring and retaining employees. Even more, 34% cited high employee turnover as another big challenge. NACS reports that this has been particularly difficult for retailers looking to improve and expand their foodservice offerings, as ongoing labor struggles present an obstacle to offering made-onsite foods around the clock.

So what can retailers do to broaden their applicant pool and to retain new recruits?

Enhance training

In order for employees to do their jobs well, effective training is a must. Not only do well-trained employees boost store efficiency and customer satisfaction—they’re more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, too. According to Technomic’s 2019 Employee Engagement: Winning the War for Talent report, 25% of employees say they are not satisfied with the format and amount of both orientation training and ongoing training.

As c-stores prioritize rebuilding their workforce, finding efficient, effective training methods is paramount. For this, installing televisions in the back-of-house can offer a great opportunity. Not only do TVs offer an engaging way to provide clear communications from corporate, but they’re also helpful for accommodating multiple new hires onboarding at once. No more crowding around a single computer monitor, either—with training on a television, employees can feel focused and comfortable.

Better breaks

Of course, TVs aren’t just useful for store operations; they can be a comfortable amenity for employees taking their lunch or a 15-minute break. According to Technomic’s Employee Engagement report, employees highly value a fun work environment where they feel appreciated. Even more, breakroom TVs can help bring employees together and boost rapport—which is especially important as new hires come onboard.

From practical strategies for training, to environment-enhancing additions to the breakroom, a television is a key investment for retailers looking to recruit and retain employees. DIRECTV for BUSINESS is tailored to a retailer’s needs, offering world-class entertainment solutions and a user-friendly experience to help c-stores optimize and enhance their operations. To learn more, click here.

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