Consumer Trends

Exclusive research: How are consumers changing the c-store retail experience?
Consumer Trends

Consumer Report 2017

New Yorkers like a big foldable slice of pizza, while in Chicago, they like it deep and cheesy. The same sense of place shapes consumers' convenience needs. To get a better sense of the differences, CSP and Technomic studied customers from coast to coast.

Consumer Trends

Foodservice Consumer Opening 2017

The everyday c-store customer has a new demographic makeup, with evolving wants and needs. Revolutionizing retail foodservice starts with understanding this new consumer, how their preferences are sha...

Eighty-nine percent say beverage quality plays a critical role in their decision to patronize a c-store.Source: Technomic 2016 Beverage Consumer Trend Report

Forty-six percent want more made-to-order options; if more foods were customizable, it would drive them to purchase c-store foodservice more often.Source: Technomic 2016 Snacking Occasion Consumer Tre...

Fifty-one percent would use a c-store’s mobile app to order food if such technology were available at more stores.Source: Technomic Q1 2017 C-Store MarketBrief; Consumer Brand Metrics

Sixty-two percent say c-stores should offer a wider variety of ready-made grab-and-go foods that are kept warm on display.Source: Technomic Q2 2016 C-Store MarketBrief; Consumer Brand Metrics

Sixty-five percent would visit c-stores more often if healthier prepared foods were available.Source: Technomic Q1 2016 C-Store MarketBrief; Consumer Brand Metrics

Sixty-seven percent say a convenient location—near home or work—guides their decision of where to purchase a c-store meal.Source: Technomic Q3 2016 C-Store MarketBrief; Consumer Brand Metr...

Sixty-seven percent wish c-stores would get more creative and develop unique flavors for handheld breakfast items.Source: Technomic Q2 2016 C-Store MarketBrief; Consumer Brand Metrics

Eighty-six percent say the availability of premium ingredients factors highly into their decision to purchase c-store foodservice.At Sheetz, menu items are made to order using a variety of premium ing...

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