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General Merchandise: Shot Proliferation

Placement, adjacencies can boost sales of new shot options

The 2-ounce-shot trend has expanded into new functions. Anti-hangover, sleep and relaxation shots are now available. Here is more on that trend—and other disruptors—shaping the category.

1. Shot in the arm.

Opportunities exist to expand the shot category beyond traditional energy players, and c-stores are uniquely equipped to sell functional shots. Consider stocking them by the registers with other shot options, but also with over-the-counter medicines and health and beauty care (HBC) items.

2. The HBC necessity.

Consumers aren’t coming to c-stores to stock up on HBC, but last-minute necessities continue to have value. Consider placing seasonally focused displays in stores when cold and flu sales are at their peak. And don’t forget winter staples such as lip balm.

3. Segment disruptors.

Amazon Dash Buttons—Wi-Fi-enabled plastic tags with brand logos—help consumers reorder items with a press of the button. These “basket bandits” are an e-commerce subsegment that siphons off impulse-product category sales such as HBC. They could affect c-store impulse sales in the years to come.

$770.3 million

C-store sales of energy shots in 2016

Source: IRI

Click here to see the complete general merchandise data from the 2017 Category Management Handbook.


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