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January 2011 Back Rumor

Even though it’s winter, one Southeast market may be in for a gasoline price war.

Congrats to J.R. on learning that his fi fth grandchild is on the way.

There’s no bad time to review your Facebook page. Am I right, B.B.?

BR hears K.S. had quite the wedding celebration— power failure and all. Congrats on adding a new last letter to the initials!

Good luck, MS Peppy Cat, and to L. & B. A.

Gummi brains and banana pudding: a wonderful combination, G.P.

Thanks for at least saying you read all our articles, Bruce S.! Although your initials may speak louder than words.

One of the country’s biggest c-store chains just signed on with a retail pricing solution.

Nice going to Mother Parkers’ Jerry Morrow and the rest of Los Straitjackets for putting on a rockin’ benefi t for Easter Seals!

One central Illinois retailer is looking to boost his training process.

BR hears at least one manufacturer of alcohol beverages is anxious to fill those cold-vault holes opened by the removal of Four Loko and other similar drinks.

So, Gus S., will BR be invited to your son’s first concert?

Carl B., hope you enjoyed Venice with the grandkids!

One industry observer is betting $10 that a well-known Midwest retailer is “dressing up” for being acquired.

BR hears that one Michigan retailer has a unique new loyalty program based on … popcorn! Keep it popping, R.W.!

Who knew Rick Dery of Gulf Oil was such a connoisseur of movies … and the Red Sox?

Bar hopping? BR hears a manufacturer acquisition may be in the works.

Remember, J.H., never say “oops.” B.M., hope your turkey turned out— or that you had a good takeout menu on hand!

BR hears Circle K is still on the hunt for a senior-level exec to steer its foodservice ship.

As ExxonMobil rolled out its Fuel Finder app, U.S. retail sales director Ben Soraci ’fessed up to where he got some info about apps: “It’s kind of scary when your children are showing you this stuff.”

Hey, David E., next time you hop on your Harley for a long road trip, we may join you!  

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