How to Remodel Your Legacy C-Stores for Less

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Event Date: 2018-10-23

Every chain has them: The fabulous new stores that you love to show off. And those old legacy stores from the 1990s—or even the 1980s. And what does the customer think when he encounters these very different-looking stores? Are these old stores hurting your sales?

Sure, you’d love to have a chain of brand spanking new stores. But who can afford that? And how do you even know where to begin to remedy this situation? In this roundtable discussion/webinar, we’ll share tips that will show you it’s not as difficult as you might think. And even better—it’s not as expensive as you think. We'll also talk with Scott Burchfield from Giant Oil to get a first-hand account of what his legacy store remodel was like.

You will come away from the webinar with a clear understanding of the store remodel and reimaging process, from idea to installation. There will also be plenty of Q&A time. So if there’s anything you wanted to know about store remodels, it’s a great time to ask a design services professional.

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