Solving C-Store Tax Challenges

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Event Date: 2016-06-29

Convenience stores constantly face sales and excise-tax management challenges, from keeping up with ever-changing tax laws, rules and rates across multiple products and jurisdictions to determining product taxability. However, leveraging comprehensive tax solutions gives tax managers the edge they need to stay ahead of these changes and best manage these challenges.

In fact, a recent Aberdeen research study (March 2016) determined that c-stores with comprehensive solutions are 82% more likely to have sales-tax calculation incorporated, 52% more likely to have the ability to calculate excise tax and 66% more likely to be able to integrate the solution with their ERP or accounting platform.

On June 29, Avalara will present a one-hour webinar that will look at the main tax challenges facing c-stores and the benefits of comprehensive tax solutions regarding excise- and sales-tax management. We will discuss:

• Excise-Tax Calculation & Filing
• Retail Taxation at the POS
• Product Taxability

Register now to reserve your spot and receive a complimentary copy of the Aberdeen report, “Overcome C-Store Excise and Sales Tax Challenges with Comprehensive Solutions.”

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