The True Cost of Crime: Can Your Business Return To Normal?

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Event Date: 2013-09-12

It’s an unspoken yet unmistakable truth: C-Stores are a top target for crime.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, convenience stores and gas stations incurred nearly 22,000 robberies in 2010-2011, and tragically, some ended with tragic outcomes.

C-stores are high targets for violent crimes and for understandable reasons. We are in virtually every neighborhood, are often 24-7, remain a cash-heavy business, and often have no more than 1 or 2 workers on a shift, especially at night.

In addition to beefing up security and cash-handling measures, leading retailers are taking another critical proactive step – they are embracing critical incident response  services, providing employees the necessary help in the wake of a crime.

This isn’t only the right thing to do from an ethical perspective, it is also the right thing from a business view.  

Consider the following findings:

o   Robbery: the amount stolen is just the beginning. According to FBI statistics of robbery costs, 85% are victim costs and this does not include cost of police response, justice system, etc.

o   Retail Robberies’ Hidden Costs: Attrition, Workers Comp claims, Disability, Reserves, etc.

o   Brand Loss: How you respond to a crime and to the needs of your staff will affect your total brand value and customer loyalty.

In this special CSP Webinar, David Smith, vice president of Risk Management for Family Dollar Stores,  and Crisis Care President Bob VandePol, share why every retailer should have a strategy to address post-crime concerns.   

They will show how a crisis-care strategy will lead to higher productivity, lower turnover and savings in workers comp and liability.

This program is ideal for independent operator executives and HR directors of mid to larger chains.

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