Thirsting for Innovation: Consumer Perspectives on C-Store Prepared Beverage


Thirsting for Innovation takes a deep dive into the exploration of consumer attitudes, frequency, purchase drivers, format and category engagement for hot and cold foodservice beverages in c-stores. We look at assessments of consumer perceptions of c-store foodservice beverage variety, and the availability of unique and innovative offerings relative to other channels. Gain a better understanding of consumer perspectives on innovation in foodservice beverages at convenience stores, including products, flavors, formats and the opportunity to customize or create their own beverage experience.

Key Findings:

  • 75% of c-store customers rate foodservice beverage as important to their purchasing decisions.
  • Customization kiosks and DIY flavor shots are two of 20 areas of innovation.
  • Fast service is secondary only to taste in terms of crucial attributes of customer experience.
  • Innovation, in both beverage product development and beverage marketing initiatives, will enable c-stores to further differentiate in a highly competitive market.
  • Frozen beverages hold potential for increased MTO sales while also aligning with the time-sensitive, freshly-prepared nature.

Report Takeaways:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of hot, cold and frozen beverages
  • Leverage innovation with made-to-order varieties and expand your flavor offerings
  • The implication of CBD/hemp on the prepared beverage category

Questions we asked:

  • What innovative or unique foodservice beverage options would you like to see offered at convenience stores?
  • In general, what types of foodservice beverage options, including flavors, formats and packaging, would you like to see offered more often at convenience stores?
  • Why are you decreasing your cold foodservice beverage purchases at c-stores?

As an added-value, you’ll receive our Understanding Consumer C-Store Usage by Market Type report with your purchase. This report explores consumer behaviors by market type (i.e., urban, suburban, rural) to uncover opportunities for both convenience retailers and suppliers.

Technomic Beverage Consumer Trend Report Infographic

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