3 Ways to Ignite Roller-Grill Sales

There’s a moneymaker in your convenience store that just might be overlooked and underappreciated

There’s a moneymaker in your convenience store that just might be overlooked and underappreciated: the roller grill. But this dependable c-store staple is due for a makeover.

Just 34% of shoppers who eye roller-grill items actually end up buying something, according to VideoMining data compiled with surveillance video and sales data.

And yet there’s tremendous opportunity at the roller grill: Fifty-four percent of millennials say they’re likely to visit a c-store for prepared foods if roller-grill items are available, vs. 42% of total consumers, according to Technomic data. Plus, a whopping 81% of consumers who buy something from the roller grill go on to purchase other items.

So how can you make the most of the roller grill? By diversifying roller-grill offerings, keeping an eye on customization and stocking healthier items, the roller grill will be rolling out profits.

Diversify Roller-Grill Menu Items

Traditional hot dogs and sausages remain popular, but consumers—especially younger ones—are receptive to new offerings. In fact, about 45% of millennials say they’re willing to try an item or condiment featuring a new or interesting flavor at a c-store prepared-foods area, according to Technomic data.

Load up the roller grill with unexpected items such as egg rolls, tamales, chicken-filled waffle rolls, taquitos and more. Such items also can be part of buy-one-get-one or other bundle deals.

No matter what you serve, make sure the area around the grill is clean, well-lit and well-stocked.

Add Customization to the Roller-Grill Station

Roller-grill items are well-suited to DIY condiments, dips and sauces. An impressive 65% of c-store foodservice consumers say they are more likely to purchase prepared foods at c-stores that offer made-to-order food when they can fully customize the items. Offer Asian-inspired sauces such as spicy mustard and sweet-and-sour sauce for roller-grill egg rolls. Stock the bar with local hot sauces for taquitos and breakfast roll-ups. For traditional encased meats, keep a clean and fresh assortment of chopped onions, hot peppers, relish and pickles.

To build excitement, consider running LTOs on special roller-grill items, with corresponding condiments to match.

Put Healthier Items Into the Rotation

More than half of consumers (53%) say they’d visit c-stores for prepared foods if healthier items were available. However, “healthier” doesn’t simply mean low-calorie or low-fat. Many consumers perceive fresh foods, as well as those made with “clean” and “natural” ingredients, to be healthy as well. Van’s Kitchen roller-grill egg rolls, for example, are made with white meat chicken and lean pork.

Diversify. Customize. Add freshness. Follow these tips to breathe new life into the trusty roller grill. Van’s Kitchen’s line of roller grill-ready egg rolls can help your c-store diversify its offerings with healthy, craveable choices that will reinvigorate your foodservice lineup, engage customers and boost sales.

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