4 Fall Fresh-Prepared Foods to Boost Seasonal Sales

Go beyond pumpkin spice to satisfy consumers' seasonal cravings

It’s that time of the year again– pumpkin spice season. Frenzied fall-mania is in full swing, thanks to the 78% of consumers who consider seasonal dishes to be a treat.1 And luckily for a c-store’s foodservice program’s bottom line, 42% of consumers are willing to pay more for a seasonal dish.2

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Beyond pumpkin spice, there are plenty of foods that take well to seasonal flavors, making it easy to infuse menus with the seasonal treats and items that customers will clamor for every year.

  • Sandwiches: Thirty-three percent of consumers say seasonal flavors evoke warmth.3 Warm up diners with toasted crunchy bread and melted cheese. Menu roasted turkey with cranberry and Brie for lunch, and at dinner, offer ham with caramelized onion and apple spread, topped with Gruyere—a perfect pre-packaged to-go item.
  • Roasted veggies: Thirty-nine percent of consumers say seasonal offerings are special.4 Seasonal veggie sides can make a dish distinct, especially if you’re cooking with fresh or local produce. Repurpose roasted root vegetables or crispy Brussels sprouts (and bacon!) into toppers for avocado toast, tacos, breakfast burritos or grain bowls.
  • Pizza:Pumpkin spice pizza anyone? It actually exists. Thirty percent of consumers say seasonal items make them happy,5 so satisfy customers by giving them freedom to customize their pizza with whatever toppings they desire. Inspire them with spiced goat cheese and dried cranberry, turkey and butternut squash or sweet potato and bacon.
  • Pies & pastries: It’s not fall without pie! Pie is undeniably comforting– a feeling that 39% of consumers feel when enjoying seasonal items.6 Bake mini treats with apple, berry or pecan filling. From breakfast until late night, provide handheld snacks to on-the-go shoppers looking to indulge in autumn flavors.

To increase foodservice check averages, bundle seasonal beverages with fresh prepared menu items. More than half of millennial and Gen Z consumers prefer their seasonal ingredients in a coffee drink.7 Seasonal coffee keeps visitors coming back—during the span of an LTO, 20% of pumpkin-spice latte buyers purchased the drink twice, according to NPD Group. Rotate signature seasonal drinks with fresh-prepared items to create interest for your regulars.

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1-7: Mintel

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