Foodservice Handbook 2018: Operations

Social media and mobile applications play a larger role

CHICAGO -- Social media and mobile applications are playing larger roles in the daily operations of all operators. The platforms can serve as a way to connect with customers and discover what they want. Many of those consumers are demanding products of high quality and taste, as evidenced by operators’ top operational needs from foodservice suppliers: new concepts/products and improved products.

Instagram offers a way for brands to communicate visually with customers. It also includes analytics tools for business accounts.

Meanwhile, significantly more retail operators than restaurant and noncommercial operators report sales and promotional programs as an important need from suppliers.

In which of the following areas, if any, do you plan to invest next year by expanding, upgrading or purchasing new equipment?


Tools and Information Needed From Foodservice Suppliers


Which social-media sites or mobile applications do you use to engage with your guests?


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