How C-Stores Can Elevate the Foodservice Experience

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Technomic’s Q3 2020 C-Store Consumer Market Brief reports that as of July 2020, 38% of consumers say they typically enter c-stores to purchase food. That’s an increase from just three months prior. And as the economy reopens and more consumers return to commuting, that number will likely continue to grow. C-stores that focus on foodservice stand to benefit big time.

In the wake of the pandemic, many convenience stores have stepped up the shopper experience. C-stores are no longer just a stop for a quick roller grill hot dog—nowadays, c-store foodservice competes with major chains. In some instances, c-store foodservice even incorporates well-known chains into their foodservice offerings.

For retailers, offering expanded foodservice is a must—but it’s key to find a program that works with the level of investment retailers are prepared for.

Flexible foodservice opportunities offer a strong solution

There are several ways to expand foodservice offerings without getting overwhelmed. Einstein Bros. Bagels, for instance, offers a space-saving modular unit that gives c-store retailers the flexibility to grow in the future. With its small footprint and ability to expand, this compact and cost-effective option allows c-stores to offer the high quality foodservice program that consumers are looking for without having to renovate their buildings. What’s more, Einstein also offers programs that allow for easy expansion—additions including drive-through units, for instance, are available.

Beyond saving space, modular units also afford retailers significant cost savings. Traditionally, c-stores could expect to invest as much as $500 thousand to offer premium branded foodservice, but that’s no longer the case.

These modular units offer a simplified, easy-to-operate food service platform that provides c-store customers with a quick stop for not just great breakfast food, but choices such as pizza bagels that are great all day long. According to Technomic’s 2019 Breakfast Consumer Trend Report, nearly one third of consumers (31%) say they are now purchasing breakfast outside of morning hours more often—for these customers and for shoppers who simply want great food any time of day, modular foodservice units from Einstein Bros. Bagels offer retailers the perfect fit.

Fast, all-inclusive startup

C-store retailers can start with a low investment, space-saving modular in-store unit, which can later be updated and expanded to offer onsite dining, drive-through spaces and more. Best of all, installation includes all design, equipment, construction and training support—these units offer easy, “plug and play” functionality.

Speed, safety and simplicity—these units are designed to address everything. Counter construction meets current and post COVID-19 guidelines, and they’re simple to operate making them employee and customer-friendly.

C-stores that learn to adapt to change and pivot their business model to better meet customer demands will improve in-store sales, ticket average and overall gross margin.

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