How to Increase Foodservice Sales at C-Stores

How in-store TVs can help

Inside convenience stores, hundreds—if not thousands—of products wait to be purchased by hungry customers on-the-go. For retailers looking to increase their food sales numbers, there’s more to do beyond studying food and drink trends and stocking shelves with new and interesting products. In fact, the solution may be as simple as installing in-store televisions.

customers watching TV in store

According to a survey conducted by Technomic exclusively for DIRECTV, 81% of consumers say they are somewhat likely or very likely to purchase food or drink when spending time in a c-store. To increase that figure, it may be as simple as getting customers to linger a bit longer once they’re inside. That same survey reported that 50% of consumers would be somewhat or very likely to spend more time purchasing food or drinks if there was a TV inside.

Beyond influencing customers to spend more time inside the c-store, TVs can create a more pleasant environment for those who want to eat or drink their food or beverage while still at the store—across breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking occasions, 36% of consumers say they find the idea of watching TV while eating in a c-store appealing. Thirty-four percent say the same about watching TV while drinking a beverage in a c-store. In other words, having televisions in your c-store can lead to longer visits, and in turn, more purchases of food and beverages.

News, sports and movies

If TV entices people to stay in c-stores longer, the next question to tackle is what type of programming they’ll enjoy most—after all, people may be more likely to treat themselves to some food or drink if they’re in a good mood.  According to the survey, 34% of consumers say they’d prefer to visit a c-store with TV if news programs were shown, while 27% said the same about sports and 25% said they’d like to see movies in c-stores, so retailers can plan accordingly to show a diverse selection of programming to please an array of consumers

Showing movies and sports may especially trigger consumers’ snack and drink purchases, particularly because they invoke the feeling of wanting to eat and drink.

Entice purchases

As for what customers want alongside in-store television programming, discounts and specials are among the list—57% of consumers say that it’s somewhat or very important for there to be beverage specials when they consider watching TV at a c-store. One free refill on soft drinks, or unlimited coffee, for instance, can be possible offers during certain hours.

Forty-seven percent say that the store having prepared meal options is somewhat or very important while watching TV and 55% say that food specials/discounts are what they’re after. In other words, the data shows that if there’s TV, there should also be food and drink—and good deals to be had on both.

For retailers who want to increase their food sales, installing in-store TV and broadcasting a variety of programming is a good start, and offering discounts or specials can give sales another nudge. Give customers what they want, and watch your sales reflect their satisfaction.

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