Melts for Your Mouth That You Can Hold in Your Hand

How unique twists on classic sandwiches can boost foodservice sales

Everyone knows the feeling: You’re pressed for time, rushing to work or soccer practice, and your hunger hits you like a brick wall. With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, consumers demand convenient and affordable items that satisfy cravings throughout the day and provide them with craveable items to keep them energized. 

pretzel melts

Offering unique sandwich items is one way for convenience stores to grab additional foodservice dollars. According to MenuMonitor data from Technomic, 60% of consumers say they prefer purchasing breakfast sandwiches while visiting convenience stores. Also, more than one-third of consumers increased their away-from-home breakfast purchases compared to last year.

These trends encouraged J&J Snack Foods, the leading seller of biscuits, to create Mary B’s Biscuit Melts. These melts are the perfect option for both consumers on the go or those looking for a delicious breakfast alternative. The melts incorporate some of the fastest-growing menu combinations: sausage, egg and cheese; cheese and bacon; and egg and cheese. Breakfast sandwiches are a staple consumer favorite, but what makes these melts special is their delicious, flaky, biscuit exterior and hearty filled interior.

Let’s not forget that sandwiches aren’t just a morning opportunity. Eighty-five percent of consumers order sandwiches for lunch at least once a month, according to Technomic, and sandwiches account for roughly 26% of all c-store sales—higher than any other item on the menu. Mentions of pretzels on foodservice menus have also climbed from 1.2% in 2013 to 1.9% today.

Based on these market trends, J&J Snack Foods also launched Kim & Scott’s Pretzel Melts. These convenient, handheld melts are a crowd-pleasing choice with slices of fresh meat and cheese enrobed in a buttery, soft pretzel dough. Each melt is individually wrapped in a display ready film that can go right into any oven or microwave for easy preparation and display. Kim & Scott’s Pretzel Melts come in three delicious varieties: Chicken Bacon, Philly Cheesesteak and Turkey & Provolone. Each are wrapped in an authentic soft pretzel dough to put a special twist on lunch.

Each of these melts are sold in individual, oven-ready and microwaveable film that can be prepared in minutes. These handhelds are the perfect meal for anyone looking to make their morning, afternoon and snacking rush a little more convenient. They have a refrigerated shelf life of 10 days and, with adequate heating, they will hold under heat for up to four hours. Mary B’s Biscuit Melts and Kim & Scott’s Pretzel Melts’ eye-catching graphics will draw attention to your grab-and-go station and are guaranteed to deliver the added value your customers look for when choosing their next bite to eat.

This post is sponsored by J&J Snack Foods