Sandwiches, Wraps Offer Fresh, Grab-and-Go Alternatives

Photograph courtesy of E.A. Sween

Prepared foods are a leading driver of sales growth in convenience stores, and sandwiches and wraps made with fresh, premium ingredients are at the heart of these offerings.

More than 80% of c-store retailers cite foodservice as a strategic growth category, and three-quarters say it has grown in importance for their business since 2016, according to Technomic’s 2019 Foodservice in Focus C-Store Report. Foodservice growth in c-stores is slightly outpacing sales growth in quick-service restaurants, the report also noted, stating, “The challenge now facing c-store retailers is to maintain and build upon that increased momentum.”

Doing so requires meeting consumer preferences that have evolved beyond the stereotypical c-store prepared-food offerings of the past, such as roller grill hot dogs and pizza slices languishing under heat lamps. Today’s consumers expect prepared foods that are portable and that also incorporate premium, high-quality ingredients.

The availability of high-quality prepared foods is one of the key drivers among consumers who are increasing their foodservice purchases in c-stores, according to a recent C-Store Consumer Market Brief report from Technomic. Fifty-nine percent of consumers who are spending more on c-store prepared foods say they do so because the food tastes good, the report found. Thirty-five percent said they are increasing their foodservice purchases because the food looks or tastes fresh, and 34% of consumers cite high quality as the reason for their increased spending (including 48% of women).

Coinciding with consumer demand for premium fare in c-stores, transparency is also increasingly important for consumers of prepared foods, because they want to be able to quickly assess the ingredients of the foods they eat.

Sandwiches and wraps made with premium, high-quality ingredients can play a more important role than ever in driving these customers into the store. Merchandising an assortment of packaged fresh sandwiches and wraps made with on-trend recipes allows retailers to provide consumers with the flavorful, grab-and-go items they seek, without the added labor costs of a made-to-order sandwich station.

Wrap sandwiches from Market Sandwich can help convenience-store retailers meet these consumer demands. The newest addition to this line is the Turkey, Havarti & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wrap on a spinach and flour tortilla. Like all Market Sandwich offerings, this latest item is assembled by hand from premium ingredients.

In addition to fresh, high-quality ingredients and appealing flavors, the wraps and sandwiches from Market Sandwich also feature new packaging that reinforces the messages of quality and transparency, and boosts appeal to today’s consumers. Market Sandwich packaging is now completely clear, so customers can see exactly what they are getting. It includes a new label design that conveys a more premium, upscale, modern product offering.

The new packaging also allows the products to be merchandised standing up, which increases visibility and readability for the consumer.

E.A. Sween Company has been making high-quality sandwiches, merchandised in innovative packaging, to meet consumer demand for great-tasting, grab-and-go foods for more than 60 years. For more information about how to drive traffic and sales  with premium, high-quality sandwiches and wraps,

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