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Boost sales with new roller grill offerings

When it comes to grabbing a quick meal, stopping at a fast food restaurant is the go-to for many diners, but for others, convenience stores reign supreme. Particularly during the week, many consumers seek out meals—lunches especially—that offer a good value and that are quick and convenient. According to Technomic’s 2017 Value & Pricing Consumer Trend Report, powered by Ignite, 79% of consumers say that value is important or extremely important when deciding when to dine. Thanks to the roller grill, those consumers can find that value at c-stores.

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Convenience, value and great taste

When customers stop in to grab something quick to eat, they’re doing so because they want something even faster than the drive-thru. Thankfully, the roller grill and c-store grab-and-go options have this covered. Roller-grill options like hot dogs, sausages, taquitos and Tornados—a snack comprised of bold ingredients wrapped in a seasoned tortilla—provide a quick satisfying option. Roller grill items are convenient and ready to take on-the-go, and are an affordable option for consumers as well—and according to Technomic’s 2016 Lunch Consumer Trend Report, convenience and affordability are the top two reasons for increased lunch purchases at c-stores.

Moving past made-to-order options

While made-to-order foods are trending in c-stores, many consumers are looking for tasty options that they can pick up quick and eat on the go—between classes, on the way to a job, etc. Roller grill options are key to driving foodservice growth.

These self-serve, ultra-fast options are perfect for the “in and out value seeker” consumer, and because there are new flavors and items released regularly, they’re ideal for people looking for variety. In Technomic’s Lunch report, 55% of consumers say that a wide variety of menu items is the number one lunch traffic driver. With unique and delicious flavors like spicy cheesesteak, cheese and pepperoni, chicken teriyaki, ranchero steak and cheese and breakfast options including egg, bacon, cheese and salsa or French toast and sausage, roller grill items offer consumers the variety they want for any mealtime. And because they’re so affordable, consumers can try out more than one flavor at a time.

Additionally, according to the Technomic Lunch report, 28% of consumers say that frequent new or limited-time offers are important to them—roller grill items are easily adaptable and ideal for creating new flavors or limited time offers.

In order to keep bringing new and repeat customers into c-stores for quick, grab-and-go meals they love, make sure that the options available—particularly roller grill items—are quick and ready to eat, offered at a great value and available in many flavors.

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