Speed-Scratch Baked Goods Bring Made-Fresh Quality to the C-Store

Photograph courtesy of Bake'n Joy

Even when grabbing a bite in a hurry, consumers don’t want to sacrifice freshness for convenience. That’s why, with convenience-store foodservice setting an increasingly high standard for quality, fresh offerings are a must for c-stores seeking a competitive edge in the market.

According to Technomic’s 2019 Dessert Consumer Trend Report, freshness and quality are consumers’ top priorities when ordering dessert, with 63% of consumers saying these attributes are important or very important to them. This applies to baked goods served for breakfast, too: Freshness is also consumers’ top priority when it comes to choosing a c-store breakfast, with 66% saying it is important or extremely important to them, according to Technomic’s Q1 2020 C-Store Consumer MarketBrief.

Because most consumers would strongly prefer freshly baked items over prepackaged baked goods, but not all c-stores can bake their goods from scratch, speed-scratch products provide an excellent solution. Products such as premade, predeposited batters and doughs allow retailers to outsource the time-consuming work of measuring and mixing while still allowing them to add a homemade touch to signify freshness to customers. Retailers can go from freezer-to-oven and serve bakery items for breakfast, snacks and desserts with a made-fresh guarantee. Who can resist a muffin or cookie still warm from the oven?

C-store retailers can serve prebaked items with a personalized touch as well. Retailers can slice and serve a coffee cake or loaf cake in the morning or frost premade cupcakes themselves with a ready-to-use icing or glaze. Small changes like these add minimal labor, yet they provide a made-fresh appeal that can set a retailer’s bakery items apart from prepackaged goods stocked on shelves.

Speed-scratch products from Bake'n Joy, for example, enable retailers to serve fresh bakery items while keeping back-of-house prep to a minimum. For retailers looking to bake their offerings in-house, Bake'n Joy’s predeposited muffins, available in a myriad of crowd-pleasing flavors, are the perfect solution. Muffin batter comes prescooped into carrier trays with paper liners, so retailers can simply pop them into muffin tins and bake. And with Bake'n Joy’s PanFree® line, retailers don’t even need muffin tins to boast the baked-fresh guarantee, just a baking sheet.

Bake'n Joy also offers a wide variety of toppings and fillings that complement their predeposited bakery items, allowing retailers to put a signature spin on baked goods without even consulting a recipe. With an array of fillings, toppings, icings and streusels for doughnuts, pies, cakes, cookies and more, offering baked goods with a homemade touch is as easy as opening the packaging.

When it comes to c-store baked goods, freshness is non-negotiable. With premium products from Bake'n Joy, retailers can exceed consumers’ expectations by offering high-quality goods with a handmade flair, cutting prep time and reducing labor in the process. To learn more, visit

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