New to the Fuels 50 list, Hele is a fuel brand of Honolulu-based Par Hawaii Inc., one of the largest owners of gas stations and c-stores in the Aloha State. In 2016 it began converting many of its stations from the 76 and Tesoro brands to the Hele brand at a cost of $4 million. “Hele” is a Hawaiian word that means “to go.”

Houston-based Par Pacific Holdings Inc. is the parent of Hawaii, which oversees the company’s retail marketing operations in the state, and Par Hawaii Refining LLC, which operates its Kapolei refinery on Oahu. It purchased San Antonio-based Tesoro Corp.’s Hawaii operations in 2013.

Par Pacific Holdings manages and maintains interests in energy and infrastructure businesses. It organizes its business into three primary segments of refining, retail and logistics, located in Hawaii. It also transports, markets and distributes crude oil from the Western United States and Canada to refining hubs in the Midwest, Gulf Coast, East Coast and Hawaii.

Station Count:36
Market Efficiency:1.470
Market Share:0.050%
Outlet Share:0.030%
Price Differential:-1.73 CPG