In 2018, the RaceTrac fuel brand earned a market efficiency of 3.98, and priced an average of 3.72 CPG below its direct competition. It approach on pricing varies depending on the market. "We price based on the markets that we serve, and we define those markets pretty narrowly, so we are always looking at competition and we are always looking at the communities around us," said President Natalie Morhous of Atlanta-based RaceTrac Petroleum." As a result, you will see those prices vary as you look from Texas to Georgia to Florida to Louisiana, but what you will always see is that we are competitive on the street with the people around us."

Source: Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

Headquarters:Atlanta, Ga.
Station Count:504
Market Efficiency:3.980
Market Share:1.750%
Outlet Share:0.440%
Price Differential:-3.72 CPG