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Little relief for motorists on the near horizon

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- During the three weeks from June 22-July 13, crude-oil prices were up slightly but remained below earlier levels. U.S. refiners, the top rung of the downstream ladder, and gasoline marketers and retailers—the lower rungs—are all under pressure to restrain price increases due to...

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Recent Fuels Institute meeting addressed current concerns and longer-term opportunities

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On-demand gasoline service strives to link demand and supply

MIAMI -- Four years after launching in Miami, on-demand fueling company Neighborhood Fuel still sees its original inspiration as the path to success. Founder Jorge Camaraza was inspired by the fueling service that filled up his boat—for the same price or less than the gas station at his local...

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From biofuels to fuel economy, these headlines highlight a volatile six months

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Already arresting pump price slide
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95 RON a step toward a turbocharged world

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Retail renewal: Gasoline margin decent again
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And which one wants to quadruple its fuel tax?

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Latest Fuels Institute conference attendees ponder diesel quality, EV growth and more


Despite fewer numbers, there may still be life in the 'wrenches' business .