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cumberland farms

Chain partners with Prime the Pump to introduce ethanol blend

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. -- Cumberland Farms is adding E15, becoming the latest retail chain to introduce the 15% ethanol blend to its forecourt. The convenience-store retailer is partnering with ethanol-industry group Growth Energy and Prime the Pump, a nonprofit that assists fuel retailers with adding...

caseys csp daily news

Chain partners with Prime the Pump to add the ethanol blend

ANKENY, Iowa -- Casey’s General Stores Inc. is adding E15, the 15% ethanol gasoline blend, to hundreds of new locations as part of a partnership with Prime the Pump. Casey's, which has more than 2,000 c-stores, first tested E15 at 17 locations in 2017. The company plans to add E15 to potentially...

chevron carrie holt

Officials compile research to back quality claims

PHOENIX -- Chevron executives touted to attendees of its recent Retail Convention the performance-enhancing capabilities of its proprietary additive, Techron, saying it was part of what differentiated its fuel products and made Chevron a “premium” brand. During a conference of approximately 1,300...

First of possibly 100 sites open in brand reintroduction
gas pumps
President to direct EPA to lift summer restrictions .
bp harris teeter fuel points logo
Mariano’s and Harris Teeter shoppers save on fuel at BP and Amoco sites .
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Motiva wholesalers help in Houston launch of program .
denmark fossil fuel car
Country also sets goal for more than 1 million EVs or hybrids by 2030 .
fuels pumps
Latest program from Alternative Fuels Council helps retailers manage biofuel blending
pumping gas
. Today, a growing number of retailers are choosing to offer E15, and not just for today’s consumer.