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perfect phillip

GasBuddy promotion offers free fuel to customers with Phil-based names

BOSTON -- Know a Phil, Felipe or Phyllis? In a unique promotion, fuel-price app provider GasBuddy is offering free fill-ups to anyone with a Phil-based first or last name. The idea is to “honor those who live, breathe and embody the fill-up in the most literal way,” said GasBuddy. The “Perfect...


Automaker will tap growing network for its new electric SUV

RESTON, Va. -- Audi’s first fully electric vehicle (EV) will be plugging into Electrify America’s charging network, including at stations hosted by convenience-store chains , as part of a new nationwide charging plan. Electrify America LLC, Reston, Va., was established in 2017 by Volkswagen to...

Growth Energy, RFA highlight demand destruction for ethanol

WASHINGTON -- Sales of E15 resumed in most markets on Sept. 16 as a regulatory or legislative fix that would allow its sales year-round remained elusive. From June 1 to Sept. 15, the 15% ethanol blend is prohibited for sale to any vehicles other than flex-fuel vehicles in most markets by the U.S...

tac energy
Fuel marketer aims to grow sales presence in Southwest
Outages grow in the Carolinas, and Love’s opens a Virginia site early ahead of the storm .
aFANity logo
aFANity offers members points toward football tickets, memorabilia and more .
gas tax increase ahead
'Increase will virtually wipe out our advantage,' state fuel retailers group says.
gas pump
But summer 2018 will not surpass decade’s records .
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AAA analysis finds surprising difference in annual costs for two transportation models
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Renew program with GreenPrint goes international with massive rollout