Alon Brands Gives Away $10,000 Worth of Gas

Hop & Sack customer in Marlow, Okla., wins text promotion; more free fuel to come

MARLOW, Okla. -- Alon Brands, a leading supplier and marketer of branded fuels in the Southwest, and one of its Oklahoma-based distributors, WR Hess, have announced that a Marlow, Okla., resident and Hop & Sack customer has won $10,000 in gasoline from a recent text promotion.

Company leaders presented Tina Seeley with the prize earlier this month at her local Hop & Sack location in Marlow, which is owned and operated by Larry and Brenda Sessums. As a part of the celebration, Alon Brands also gave away an iPad Mini and free gasoline coupons to customers at the store.

According to Kyle McKeen, president and CEO of Alon Brands, the company is planning on giving away more gasoline and prizes to customers throughout 2013.

"Promotions like these give Alon Brands and our distributors, such as WR Hess and Hop & Sack, the opportunity to engage with customers on a whole new level," said McKeen. "We've seen such a positive response that we've decided to provide even more chances for customers to win everything from free gas to free cars in 2013."

Based in Dallas, Alon Brands is the largest 7-Eleven licensee in North America, marketing ALON motor fuel products at 900 locations, including 300 company-owned locations in Texas and New Mexico.