Crystal Flash Offers SoyUltra

Gas with soybean additive said to improve fuel economy

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- In an attempt to help consumers beat the rising costs of fuel, Crystal Flash Energy of Grand Rapids, Mich., is now offering a gasoline with a soybean oil-based additive that it claims improves fuel economy by up to 5%. Called SoyUltra, the fuel works in all gasoline engines.

Motorists in Michigan are continually paying more at the pump for fuel. So far this June, gas is an average of 17 cents more per gallon than it was one year ago, so an improvement in fuel economy is one of the best ways for motorists to save money on gas, said [image-nocss] Tom Fehsenfeld, president of Crystal Flash Energy. We introduced SoyUltra gasoline to help alleviate some of the price pains at the pump.

Crystal Flash's SoyUltra gasoline improves fuel economy by helping vehicles run more efficiently, the company said. It uses a friction modifier that coats combustion chamber walls and valves, adding up to 40% more lubricity than regular gasoline.

In extensive product testing, we found that the fuel helps increase engine performance and reduce maintenance problems, said Fehsenfeld.

SoyUltra is currently only available at the fueling station located at the company's headquarters.

Crystal Flash's SoyUltra is specially formulated and blended to meet state of Michigan midgrade and premium standards for gasoline. It will be available in 89, 91, and 92 octane fuels.

Crystal Flash Energy has a history of supporting bio-based fuel products. In 2003, it was the first West Michigan company to offer biodiesel to the public, it said. To date, it has sold more than 2 million gallons of SoyDiesel XC product.

Crystal Flash Energy is a major Michigan's supplier of energy-related products and services. Its fleet of trucks delivers propane and heating oil to thousands of homes in rural areas, provides gasoline, diesel fuel and biodiesel fuel to farms, trucking and construction companies. Its environmental services division recycles motor oil and antifreeze.