Dresser Wayne Helps Gulf Coast Fuel Retailers

Deploys technicians, equipment to aid recovery after Ike

AUSTIN, Texas -- In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, one of the largest storms to hit southeast Texas in decades, Dresser Wayne, a global innovator of retail fuel dispensers and technologies, is helping fuel retailers meet the critical demand for fuel as affected communities press forward with recovery efforts. Dresser Wayne has deployed a special unit of service technicians and truckloads of replacement parts to repair damaged fuel dispensers and retail systems as quickly as possible.

"Left with extensive damage and widespread power outages in the storm's wake, this highly populated region's [image-nocss] need for fuel is vital," said Carlos Martinez, director of field technical services. "People need more than fuel for their vehicles right now. They need gasoline to power generators just to satisfy basic necessities as they wait for power restoration, which could take weeks in certain areas."

As fuel retailers are working hard to help their customers in the midst of difficult circumstances, Dresser Wayne has been proactively supporting them. "Technicians throughout our service provider network and from our Help Desk organization are rallying together to get fuel dispensers back on-line," said Evan Duval, director of service operations. "Even before the storm, our sales teams were reaching out to customers to begin organizing assistance."

In addition to assessing the damage, using traditional methods and new remote diagnostic technology, Dresser Wayne has been locating and dispatching equipment, parts and expertise to help meet essential needs immediately. The company has designated a project manager, Jessica Gonzalez, to handle the logistics involved in responding to a disaster of this magnitude.

"The damage is staggering," Martinez said. "As we conduct assessments, we are uncovering the full scope of issues that need our attention, and we are committed to seeing our customers through this."

Duval added, "Everyone here fully recognizes the importance of this undertaking. They have left the comfort of their homes in unaffected areas and made it a personal mission to help the area recover swiftly."

In other company news, Dresser Wayne is helping retailers meet new and upcoming Payment Card Industry (PCI) payment security regulations with the iX Pay secure payment solution, certified to the current and most stringent version of PCI payment security standards, Version 2.0. It is certified for deployment beyond the year 2014 and is upgradeable to forthcoming Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) regulations.

"We know that meeting new security regulations can be a costly prospect for our customers," said Tim Weston, product manager of payment technologies. "Our approach to PCI compliance has been to provide industry leading security while supporting retailer profitability. So we've designed a solution that protects retailers' investments by being configurable to meet both today's and upcoming compliance requirements while delivering expanded functionality."

Already deployed in a number of global environments, Dresser Wayne's iX Pay secure payment offers retailers a way to meet January 2009 PCI Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) regulation deadlines.

"In addition to being available as a factory-installed option for new dispensers, it is simple to retrofit into existing Dresser Wayne and selected Tokheim dispensers. And being compatible with the existing dispenser protocol, its modular design allows retailers to purchase the exact security configuration they need now with the flexibility to add other security and business-enhancing capabilities later," Weston added.

iX Pay secure payment includes features such as certified unauthorized removal protection and customizable function keys. iX Pay secure payment encrypts data from the moment it is entered into the keypad rather than within vulnerable electronics. It also adheres to TDES/DUKPT encryption standards and features full-travel numeric keys that help prevent the use of keypad overlays thieves sometimes use to skim financial data.

In addition to investment protection, iX Pay secure payment offers additional profit-enhancing benefits. It includes several business-building tools such as larger display screen options for enhanced marketing and the iX Technology Platform that supports modules such as iX Media digital merchandising, iSense remote diagnostics, iDPOS in-dispenser POS and Fusion universal site control. "Retailers can easily adapt to security regulations while adding enhanced management, marketing and maintenance capabilities to their forecourt," Weston said

Dresser Wayne, Austin, Texas, is one of the largest business units of Dresser Inc. and is an industry pioneer for the retail fueling industry. Among its innovations, Dresser Wayne was the first to introduce self-service consoles and fuel blending dispensers to service stations, in-pump card readers and cash acceptors, in-pump radio frequency identification payment systems and dispenser-mounted touchscreen payment/communication systems. In addition, Dresser Wayne designs and markets software systems that enable its retail fueling customers to manage the convenience store aspects of their businesses more efficiently, including inventory control, price book management, labor management and site administration.