Dresser Wayne Ovation Eco Fuel Dispenser Gets UL-OK for E25

UL approval pending on high ethanol-grade blending at dispenser, support for up to E85

AUSTIN, Texas -- Dresser Wayne, a global leader in vehicle energy dispensing technologies, has announced the Ovation Eco Fuel model dispenser has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for use with ethanol blends up to E25. The new approval by UL comes as the market prepares for possible changes in U.S. federal energy policy that would shift the standard gasoline blend from the current E10 to higher levels of ethanol.

The Dresser Wayne Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser helps retailers address the growing consumer demand for domestically produced, environmentally friendly [image-nocss] fuels while managing their longer-term forecourt investments.

"Motorists continue to call for greener fueling solutions and retailers are demanding technologies that will help them stay in front of the market opportunity while managing regulatory changes," said Scott Negley, director of alternative energy products at Dresser Wayne. "Our Eco Fuel dispenser is in use across North America and is designed to handle the higher blends without modifications."

The retail fueling industry anticipates that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may adjust the standard blend allowance for gasoline from 10% ethanol upward to meet the requirements of the Renewable Fuel Standard. The Dresser Wayne Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser is compatible with this higher blend rate without any dispenser modifications, so retailers may not have to upgrade equipment if the federal government increases ethanol blend levels. Currently, E10 is the highest blend of ethanol allowed for sale for standard, non-flex-fuel vehicles and is sold across the United States as standard gasoline.

UL approval is also pending for two new Ovation Eco Fuel dispenser capabilities: high ethanol-grade blending at the dispenser and support for up to E85. This flexible, robust blending design allows retailers for the first time, to pump blended products from two hoses at the same fueling point. Dual hose blending enables separation of low- and high-blend ethanol products and allows retailers to offer a range of fuel grade options based on their customers' vehicle compatibility and existing ethanol supply logistics. It may also allow retailers access to blender-of-record incentives.

Eco Fuel standard dispensers are equipped with the Dresser Wayne Xflo meter. This precision meter helps to mitigate fuel loss, and reduces time and expense associated with pump calibration.

Dresser Wayne is one of the largest business units of Dresser Inc., and a global leader in the design, manufacture and servicing of fueling forecourt solutions where reliability and uptime are critical.