Express Convenience Centers Offers Top-Tier Fuel

Excelerator exceeds EPA requirements for approved cleaning detergents

COMBINED LOCKS, Wis. -- As motorists hit the road this summer vacation season, they will be focused on gasoline costsbut a new gasoline mix from Express Convenience Centers will allow them to focus on the efficiency of their vehicles, the retailer said.

Express Convenience is offering a new fuel called Express Excelerator, which has been approved to use the designation of a "top-tier" fuel. Top-tier detergent gasoline is the standard for gasoline performance and is identified by BMW, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi as the fuel that provides optimal engine [image-nocss] performance.

Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established minimum additive performance standards in 1995, most gasoline marketers have actually reduced the concentration level of detergent additive in their gasoline by up to 50%, the company said. As a result, deposits can accumulate in an engine's fuel systemin fuel injectors, intake manifold ports and valves. Deposit build up can cause lower gas mileage, starting problems, power loss and unnecessary emission pollution.

Express Excelerator detergent gasoline uses twice the amount of EPA-approved cleaning detergents found in ordinary gasoline and exceeds the standards established for top-tier status by major automotive companies, said the company. To be named a top-tier fuel, gasoline retailers must ensure the fuel mix meets stringent deposit control standards.

"The majority of vehicles on the road today are pre-owned," said Jim Anholzer, general manager for Express Convenience. "Even if they are well maintained, deposits can build up in engines and Excelerator goes a long way to keeping engines clean and performing well."

Using Express Excelerator gasoline has the following benefits over gasoline that meets minimum EPA standards: improved fuel efficiency, reduced driving upsets (rough idle, stalling and surge), improved acceleration, increased engine power and reduced emissions.

Express Excelerator fuel is available at all 19 of the Express Convenience Centers located throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

Express Convenience Centers is a division of U.S. Oil Inc., Combined Locks, Wis., and owns and operates 19 retail outlets located in Wisconsin throughout the Fox Valley, Oshkosh and Green Bay. The stores are a leader in guest-focused convenience shopping and have won the "Best of the Valley" award two consecutive years.