Fuels for Tools

VP Racing Fuels adds small-engine fuels

SAN ANTONIO -- VP Small Engine Fuels (SEF), new from VP Racing Fuels Inc., are designed specifically for two-cycle and four-cycle outdoor power equipment. VP/SEF in quart-size containers offers new revenue opportunities inside convenience stores, according to Dennis Stanko, VP's director of consumer product sales.

He said that owners of portable gasoline-powered tools experience problems caused by the ethanol in "street" gasoline. "In fact, small-engine repair shops across the U.S. estimate more than 75% of the current repairs are due to ethanol-related problems," Stanko said. "The ethanol attracts moisture, causes deposits and fouls fuel systems, making equipment hard to start and requiring expensive repairs. Because VP Small Engine Fuels (SEF) are ethanol-free, they prevent those problems from occurring in the first place, offering the most effective and complete solution available."

Packaged in convenient quart-size containers, VP/SEF is available as a four-cycle fuel as well as two blends (40:1 or 50:1) pre-mixed with oil and "ready-to-pour" for two-cycle engines. The fuels can be used in everything from string trimmers and blowers to pressure washers, chippers, chainsaws and mowers.

"In addition to protecting their engines and improving performance, residential homeowners and commercial businesses will appreciate the convenience of never having to measure and mix oil with gas for their two-cycle tools," said Stanko.

Along with the opportunities presented by quart sales, VP also offers a "Fuel Cage" program to clearly differentiate a store from its competitors and establish it as a destination for key customer segments. Designed much like the familiar propane tank cage, the Fuel Cage houses five-gallon pails of VP/SEF--a container size that appeals not only to heavy fuel users like lawn care companies but to other high-value customers seeking more cost-effective packaging, including rural and large landowners, tree service companies, construction crews, hunters and outdoorsmen and local fire departments, the company said.

"Together, the quarts and pails lead not only to increased customer traffic, but more profitable sales opportunities," said Stanko. "VP/SEF offers margins substantially higher than the street gasoline served at dispensers. ... And because this fuel requires purchase inside the store, it creates opportunities for cross-sales to add to the fuel sale profits."

VP Small Engine Fuels are not legal for use in motor vehicles.

VP Racing Fuels is best known as a leader in race fuel technology, fueling winners in every category of motorsports on land, sea and air for more than 37 years. San Antonio-based VP is the Official Fuel of NHRA Championship Drag Racing, American Le Mans, Rally America, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and Late Models, among more than 60 VP-sponsored racing series and sanctioning bodies. VP's fuels are distributed throughout North America, Europe, Australia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East and Russia.