Gasboy Adds Features to TopKAT

Established product goes wireless, French, more

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Gasboy has introduced four new features for its TopKAT fuel management system for fleets. The new software supports wireless communication, serial to Local Area Network (LAN) interface, master/satellite dispenser applications and French language.

Fleet operators can now eliminate breaking concrete, running conduit and wiring by broadcasting fleet fueling information from their Gasboy TopKATs on the island to the Gasboy site controller and PC Software for Windows inside. The new feature wirelessly transmits information for up to several [image-nocss] miles where line of site is attainable.

Welch Sand & Gravel of Cincinnati was one of the first locations to use TopKAT's new wireless communication features. The surface mining operation has nearly 30 vehicles and drivers. It would have been virtually impossible to run wiring either underground or overhead at our operation, said Joe Catanzaro, safety director for Welch. It's 75 yards from my desk to the fuel island. We have router lines and septic systems underground. Standard telephone poles would have been too short to run wiring overhead. The wireless option was clearly the safest and most cost-effective way to make detailed reporting available inside the building.

At sites where wired solutions are an option, operators can use TopKAT's new serial to LAN interface. By adding converters to the existing serial ports on the indoor PC and on the TopKATs at the island, fleet operators can enable fleet reporting across their existing LAN. The serial to LAN interface is also now available for Gasboy Series 1000 fuel management system, Islander II unattended fleet and retail system and CFN III integrated POS and fleet system.

Gasboy TopKAT also now supports master/satellite dispenser applications, where two fuel dispensers are used to simultaneously fuel both saddle tanks of large vehicles and the total fuel is combined into a single transaction.

Operators can also now elect to have the TopKAT prompts and features display in English, French or Spanish.

Gasboy,a Gilbarco brand,is a supplier of integrated fuel control, site management and support services for petroleum marketers and commercial fueling enterprises worldwide.