Lykins Oil Changes Name to Lykins Energy Solutions

New moniker reflects company's full array of products, services

Lykins Oil Lykins Energy Solutions

MILFORD, Ohio -- Lykins Oil Co. will change its name to Lykins Energy Solutions. The new name reflects the company's growth and the additional products and services it now provides.

Lykins has been in business since 1948. Oil and gas have always been the company's focus and that will not change, it said; however, Lykins is much more than an oil company today. Lykins supplies the region with a wide array of energy products and services. The Milford, Ohio, company serves customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, as well as throughout the midwest and the southeast united states and provides key services including branded fuels, wholesale fuels, commercial, transportation and home heating oil, propane, lubricants, electricity and natural gas. The company represents six major brands: BP, Marathon, ExxonMobil, Shell, Gulf and Clark.

"We want to be known for all our energy products and that includes oil, gas, electric, natural gas, propane and lubes. We even have our own Lykins Energy Fleet Card through Voyager now. Through several years of acquisitions and expanding our products and services, Lykins plans to double its size in the next five years," said Jeff Lykins, president of Lykins Energy.

The company also has a new logo that better reflects the company's "long and strong" family heritage. "The logo symbolizes three generations building a strong core of leaders within our community. The new logo incorporates three forward-facing triangles representing each generation of the Lykins family. We call this the Tricore," said Lykins. The company's three generations include Guy "Bandy" Lykins who led the company from 1948 to 1967; Don Lykins and Guy Jr. Lykins who led the company from 1967 to 1999; and Jeff Lykins, Ron Lykins and Bob Manning who are currently leading the company.

Lykins Energy Solutions is one of the 100 largest privately held companies in Ohio, and one of the top 10 largest petroleum marketing companies in Ohio. Lykins Cos. (now Lykins Energy Solutions) is one of the oldest and largest petroleum marketing companies in the region and the nation. Currently, Lykins employs 250 people.