PC&F Deal Propels Renewables

Pacific Convenience & Fuels signs "co-locating" agreement with Propel Fuels in West

PLEASANTON, Calif. -- Pacific Convenience & Fuels (PC&F) has signed a multi-year agreement with Propel Fuels, a leading retailer of domestically produced renewable fuels, to co-locate Propel "Clean Fuel Points" with PC&F gas stations and convenience stores throughout the Western United States. The companies have identified more than 80 potential locations for Clean Fuel Points throughout PC&F's network of 300 stations in California, Washington, Oregon and Colorado, which operate under brands including Chevron, 76, Conoco and Circle K.

Propel's partnership [image-nocss] with PC&F will provide consumers and fleets across the western states with greater access to renewable fuels and enable both companies to accelerate expansion plans, they said.

Propel builds, owns and operates a network of green-built, self-serve filling stations (Clean Fuel Points), providing convenient access to domestic, renewable fuels. By co-locating their stations with existing gas stations, Propel drives additional revenues to onsite convenience stores and provides new revenue streams to station owners such as PC&F. Through the partnership, PC&F provides Propel with access to premium real estate on existing sites, while Propel owns and operates the equipment and provides the expertise, fuel supply and outreach to drive renewable fuel adoption.

"[PC&F] is redefining the customer experience at convenience stores. Providing access to renewable fuels aligns with this mission while satisfying the growing demand for these products. We are pleased to partner with Propel, the leader in alternative fuels, to bring this option to our customers," said Chris Wilson, general manager of PC&F.

"This first-of-its-kind agreement allows us to quickly scale our business, opening the door to renewable fuel access across the western U.S., America's most underserved market for renewable fuels," said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. "And with U.S. automakers significantly increasing production of flex-fuel and diesel vehicles, we will give customers true choice at the pump, making progress towards reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil and lowering carbon emissions."

To accelerate public access to renewable fuels, Propel is working in coordination with the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission on station development programs such as California's Low-Carbon Fuel Infrastructure Investment Initiative. As advanced biofuel production facilities break ground in California, Propel's agreement with PC&F will provide the next phase of fueling locations crucial to meeting the goals of the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard.

Propel currently operates Clean Fuel Point stations throughout California and Washington with more than 200 sites planned for new and existing markets over the next two years. Propel's network of stations will connect drivers with low-carbon fuels made from nonfood sources such as agricultural byproducts and household waste as production comes online across the county.

Headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., Propel builds, owns and operates a network of Clean Fuel Points--green-built, self-serve filling stations providing convenient access to clean, American, low-carbon fuels. The company offers drivers and fleets a cleaner fuel choice that makes progress towards lowering America's dependence on foreign oil, reducing carbon emissions, and creating jobs. Propel has also developed CleanDrive, an integrated carbon emission reduction tracking platform.

PC&F is based in Pleasanton, Calif., and currently owns more than 570 stores in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington through multiple channels of trade including company owned and operated, fee operated and dealer operations.