Refueling the Kansas Turnpike

Board approves reassignment of lease from PCF Saleco to GasMart USA

WICHITA, Kansas -- Fuel is again available at the Towanda and Matfield Green service areas on the Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 35) between Emporia and Wichita. The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) and GasMart USA, Overland Park, Kansas, have been working to restore fuel service at both Towanda and Matfield Green for several days after PCF Saleco ceased fuel sales at some of its Phillips 66-branded stations due to financial woes.

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PCF Saleco is experiencing some difficult business issues and requested this change so KTA customers will continue to have continuous access to fuel, KTA said.

The KTA board approved the reassignment of the lease from PCF Saleco to GasMart USA on Wednesday. This became necessary on Monday when PCF Saleco informed KTA of their inability to provide fuel at these two locations.

KTA said that it is "working diligently with GasMart USA to provide immediate fuel and convenience store services to KTA customers. This is especially important during this upcoming, busy holiday weekend."

The stations at Towanda and Matfield Green received an emergency shipment Wednesday evening of 8,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline and 8,000 gallons of diesel, nearly 24 hours after their supplies ran dry, reported The Wichita Business Journal.

The outages left drivers with a 106-mile stretch on the turnpike where they couldn't buy any fuel or food, though the turnpike authority's Safety Assist provided some motorists with enough fuel to get to the next operational station, the report said.