Ricker’s Chooses GreenPrint for Reduced-Emissions Fuel Program

Calculates tailpipe emissions, invests in environmental offset projects

car getting fueled

INDIANAPOLIS -- Convenience-store retailer Ricker’s has teamed up with GreenPrint LLC to introduce a Reduced-Emissions Fuel Program across 32 Ricker’s convenience stores in Indianapolis. The deal follows launches in Atlanta with BP and New Mexico with Alon Brands.

GreenPrint’s turnkey sustainability program indirectly reduces emissions through its proprietary platform and investments in local, regional and global certified carbon reduction projects to sequester carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, it said.

The program requires no new software, hardware or new tanks or equipment that would require capital expense and installation. Instead, consumers with existing traditional vehicles pump the same Ricker’s fuel.

Every time a customer pumps a gallon of fuel at a Ricker’s station in Indianapolis, GreenPrint will calculate the vehicle’s tailpipe emissions and invest in projects to reduce those emissions in the atmosphere by up to 30%. The program will plant trees in local parks and greenscapes to beautify the community and provide other social and environmental benefits in and around Indianapolis.

“Since its founding, Ricker’s has had a strong lasting commitment to serve and support our community, our customers, and our people,” said Quinn Ricker, CEO of Ricker’s. “We are excited to partner with GreenPrint who aligns with our values and launch a program to foster goodwill and give back to the community that we serve. I am excited that we will be planting trees and protecting the environment while at the same time building loyalty and goodwill for our business.”

Peter Davis, founder and CEO of GreenPrint, said, “Consumers vote with their wallets, and they’re increasingly choosing to direct their business to companies who give back and support their community and the environment. That’s why thought leaders like Quinn and his team at Ricker’s are choosing to launch our program. We’re thrilled to begin our partnership with Ricker’s, as they are committed to bringing sustainability to their consumers and a true competitive differentiator to their locations.”

Based in Atlanta, GreenPrint is a leading innovator of carbon-neutral fuel solutions. It enables consumers to drive their cars, heat their homes, and live their everyday lives without leaving a carbon footprint. The company's patent-pending solutions also provide municipal and commercial fleet managers and petroleum retailers the ability to build goodwill, enhance brand loyalty or increase market share.

Anderson, Ind.-based Ricker’s has more than 54 convenience stores in Indiana.

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