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. Today, a growing number of retailers are choosing to offer E15, and not just for today’s consumer.

Brought to you by Growth Energy. Approved for 2001 and newer vehicles which makes up more than 91% of the vehicles on the road today, E15—a fuel made with 15% cleaner burning ethanol—is giving retailers around the country a boost. American consumers have driven more than five billion miles using...

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Electric vehicles could charge as they drive on the interstate

CHICAGO -- Illinois’ tollway agency is considering whether to install wireless charging equipment on Interstate 294 that would enable electric vehicles (EVs) to charge up as they drive. The Illinois Tollway Highway Authority is examining how to install EV charging along I-294 as the agency embarks...

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Acquisition doubles distributor’s service area in Rocky Mountain region

DENVER -- Offen Petroleum has effectively doubled its size after closing on its acquisition of fuel distributor Overland Petroleum on Sept. 26. Offen Petroleum, a portfolio company of Denver-based private-equity firm Lariat Partners, supplies fuel, lubricants and petroleum logistics services in...

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Trump administration preparing to announce plan to allow year-round sales: Bloomberg .
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GasBuddy promotion offers free fuel to customers with Phil-based names
Automaker will tap growing network for its new electric SUV .
Growth Energy, RFA highlight demand destruction for ethanol
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Fuel marketer aims to grow sales presence in Southwest
Outages grow in the Carolinas, and Love’s opens a Virginia site early ahead of the storm .
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aFANity offers members points toward football tickets, memorabilia and more .