Kalibrate's '7 Elements for Fuel Retail Success'

Launches new brand, comprehensive cloud offering, more

Kalibrate (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Gas Stations / Technology)

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Kalibrate, provider of strategy and technology solutions to the global fuel retail industry, has unveiled a new brand identity and offerings that reinforce the company's differentiated value proposition--"your adaptive edge."

A newly formalized Strategic Advisory Services group complements the new Kalibrate Cloud, creating a client's destination for fuller visibility, truer insight and more effective control over the factors that matter most to their success. Kalibrate's new brand strategy elevates strengths inherent in the company's culture, history and expertise in realizing value on investment (VOI) from the full spectrum of key factors that drive fuel retail success.

"Fuel retail today is more complex than ever. Consumers want more value, and that means more than a good price or an easy location," said Bob Stein, president and CEO of Kalibrate. "To thrive today, fuel retailers have to address every aspect of that customer experience. Doing it dynamically and efficiently is their adaptive edge. Our people, data and solutions help provide clients that value in addition to the ROI that gives them confidence in decision making."

Kalibrate's "7 Elements for Fuel Retail Success"--pricing, location, facility, operations, market, brand and merchandising--are the key success factors for best-in-class fuel retailing, the company said.

"Our mission through Kalibrate Cloud and Strategic Advisory Services via the 7 Elements of Fuel Retail Success is to create the roadmap for our clients to succeed," Stein said.

The company is positioning Kalibrate Cloud to be the fuel industry's expert source for intelligence, insight and action. Leveraging 20 years of experience and anchored on the 7 Elements for Fuel Retail Success, the software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based solution will enable the company to reach new market segments, more efficiently deliver its solutions and establish a destination for technology and strategy resources, it said.

Accessible from desktop or smart mobile devices, Kalibrate Cloud is fuel retailers' gateway to faster, more confident decisions and execution.

Kalibrate Strategic Advisory Services provides consultative advice that connects critical topics at the epicenter of the industry with client opportunity. Kalibrate's 7 Elements for Fuel Retail Success provide a strategic perspective for detecting, analyzing and optimizing value in today's challenging marketplace. Strategic Advisory Services will advance Kalibrate as a strategic partner to fuel retailers looking for their adaptive edge.

Kalibrate strategy and technology solutions empower fuel retailers around the globe to achieve greater VOI and success on their own terms. Clients gain fuller visibility, truer insight and more effective control over what matters most, said the company.

Kalibrate is based in Manchester, U.K., and Florham Park, N.J.