Take a Tour of BP's Miles

Samantha Oller, Senior Editor/Fuels, CSP

BP Miles pump

BP created Miles, an interactive “personality pump,” after three months of software development and content creation in collaboration with Pandora and The Onion. Miles uses a combination of technologies—everything from touchscreens to voice activation—to make the fueling experience more enjoyable, and it builds upon existing at-the-pump technology available through services such as Gas Station TV.

Here are some highlights of the Miles experience ...


BP Miles pump

Customers can play music-trivia games, depending on their preferred Pandora music station. The Delphi screen above the pump displays the questions, which were written by The Onion’s pop-culture site, The A.V. Club. The customer selects answers on the tablet.


BP Miles pump

Customers can choose from five Pandora music stations: pop, rock, country, rap or electronic dance music. For the recent winter holidays, BP swapped in a seasonal station.

Photos and video

BP Miles pump

A photo-booth option lets customers take a picture and apply augmented-reality filters. To use, they line their face up with marks on the tablet and take their photo, which they can post on social media.

Weather and news

BP Miles pump

For customers who do not interact with Miles within the first 25 seconds, the programming defaults to local weather and news on the Delphi screen.

Return visit

BP Miles pump

Miles prompts customers who interact to share their mobile number to get a copy of their photos, a link to their Pandora station and a coupon for 25 cents per gallon off their next fill-up.