Wayne Set to Unveil Ovation2

New fuel dispenser will be available across North America in mid-2014

Wayne Ovation2

AUSTIN, Texas -- Wayne, a GE Business and a global innovator of fuel dispensers and forecourt technologies, is unveiling the Wayne Ovation2 fuel dispenser, the second-generation design of Wayne's premium Ovation dispenser. Through cleaner lines and additional design enhancements, the Ovation2 fuel dispenser represents another Wayne innovation for fueling industry.

The updated Ovation2 dispenser builds on the pump's original design, which has set the dispenser standard for more than a decade. A flexible option package allows it to be configured to meet specific needs. From design to functionality, the Ovation2 dispenser features will extend new benefits to retailers and their customers.

Specific new features of the Ovation2 dispenser include:

  • 25% increased branding area and increased flexibility in branding options.
  • New white-on-black displays for Sales, Volume and UPD.
  • Redesigned payment area enhances privacy, ergonomics, and transaction flow.
  • Glass display windows.
  • Metal frame panel construction.
  • Expanded use of steel cladding.

Wayne also announced that the Ovation2 LX fuel dispenser offers additional standard features including color QVGA screens, enhanced lighting indicators, E25 listing and multi-colored RGB backlit PTS buttons.

"For 10 years, we've witnessed the success of the Wayne Ovation fuel dispenser, and we've learned many things about how it's used and improvements we can make for our customers," said Neil Thomas, Wayne president. "It is now time to update the Ovation dispenser, incorporate those learnings, and bring it much more in line of the design standards we put into the Wayne Helix fuel dispenser. We are pleased to introduce the new Wayne Ovation2 fuel dispenser. "

The Ovation2 dispenser will be available across North America in mid-2014.

Wayne is a GE business and global leader in the design, manufacturing and servicing of forecourt fueling solutions. Dispensers, payment platforms, control systems and technology from Wayne play an essential role in traditional and alternative fueling sites around the world. Wayne is ISO 14001 certified.

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