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Higher cost of crude and seasonal shifts push up pump prices
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Retail gasoline rises 8 cents per gallon on crude, RVP specs .
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After selling off most of its stores, the MLP buys distribution and terminal assets in the Northeast
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Administrator Pruitt questions California’s waiver in opening salvo toward national standards .
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Retailers test Tesla, Electrify America and other units to find what fits
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Could EVs account for 94% of the U.S. car fleet by 2040?

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Industry vets to help build store gallons and fleet business
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One task that can get lost in the shuffle is the need to monitor and replace the fuel dispenser.
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Shop Your Way members can earn fuel savings by connecting to Pay With GasBuddy
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With consumer interest in biofuels on the rise, sales of E15 fuel have flourished in the past year.