3 Important Reasons to Create Your Own UST ‘Birth Certificate’

Photograph courtesy of Source North America

As many fuel sites look to replace their aging underground storage tanks (USTs) in the next 10 years, station operators have an opportunity to simultaneously improve their recordkeeping by creating a “birth certificate” for their new underground fueling equipment.

Download Your Free UST Birth Certificate Form

Source North America offers a free, downloadable “UST Birth Certificate” form that prompts operators to collect the most essential information about underground fueling equipment at the time of installation. Download your free UST Birth Certificate today.

The purpose of a UST “birth certificate” is to create a record of the underground equipment’s most important characteristics for future reference. Unfortunately, having accurate documentation of equipment details is often overlooked by convenience store operators—until one of several common circumstances gives an operator a reason to reference the information. Here are three reasons why every c-store should create a birth certificate for their underground fueling equipment.

1. Concrete isn’t see-through. Once the excavation site for the underground fueling equipment is back-filled, obtaining visual confirmation of even the most basic information—like the color of the piping—becomes significantly more challenging (and expensive). Details included in birth certificate documents can be referenced for tank registration, insurance inquiries, maintenance and upgrade projects and more.

2. Future property owners will value the documentation. By demonstrating that meticulous record-keeping has been a priority at a gas station, retailers not only offer future owners access to critical UST information they would not have been privy to collecting during installation, but they also grow their credibility as a site that has been cared for and well-maintained.

3. Dialing for answers is no fun. Calling manufacturers, suppliers or contractors to verify equipment details is time-consuming and inconvenient. Move future installation and maintenance projects along more quickly and possibly even reduce downtime.

Many USTs are nearing the end of their warrantied service life. For help planning a UST replacement or upgrade, contact Source’s SOLUTIONS Design Group.

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