5 Secrets to Generating More Revenue at the Car Wash

Photograph courtesy of OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

No two car washes are the same. From location to added features to pricing, every car wash owner has an individual sales strategy. There are, however, five secrets that all successful car wash owners utilize to maximize their revenue.

1. Carefully calculate the base wash price

There is an exact cost for a single car wash. Once everything from utilities to chemicals has been factored in, retailers are able to pinpoint the direct costs for each vehicle. Use this to calculate the base car wash offering, while making sure to include a solid profit margin. There are a few secondary factors that will help price car wash options, including location.

2. Price the car wash for the area it serves

Location, location, location.. It’s everything to just about every industry. The car wash industry is no different, which is why pricing should take location into consideration.

If the car wash serves an affluent area, customers will be able to afford a higher-priced wash. Do some research and learn what competitors are charging in the area. Retailers shouldn’t price the wash too low, as that will negatively affect gross margins, but the wash should be pricedaggressively, especially if there are added features and options.

3. Add features to enhance the wash

Car wash owners increase revenue per vehicle by upselling features that allow customers to customize their wash experience. Here are a few features that PDQ offers with its all-new Tandem Surfline to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Front Bug Prep: PDQ’s exclusive Front Bug Prep can increase revenue without adding time to the wash process. Customers love this feature, which focuses on hard-to-clean areas like the windshield, backsides of mirrors and the front of vehicles.
  • 3X Color Foam System: The 3X Color Foam Applicator can apply three-color foam solutions to the vehicle, captivating customers’ attention. Any Snapchat user is sure to take a colorful picture and add it to their story.
  • Super Sealant System: Protect the surface of the vehicle with the Super Sealant System. This option protects the clear coat and helps maintain the shine of customers’ vehicles, as well as being an excellent revenue generator.
  • TriPlex Wheel Cleaning System: PDQ’s TriPlex Wheel Cleaning System takes tire scrubbing to a new level. During the process, each tire receives a chemical application allowing for dwell time and the wheel receives an intense bi-directional rotational scrubbing, which is followed by a full-wheel, high-pressure blast.
  • Overglow High Gloss Application System: Put the shine back intoprofits with this system.  Customers will enjoy the look of a colorful, thick sheet of solution draping their vehicle, and retailers will love the additional revenue.

4. Turn an errand into an experience

Delight customers with an exciting light show while offering differentiation from competitors. . PDQ’s ProGlow Illumination System is a great example that illuminates car wash bays day and night. The system can be programmed to display multiple color combinations of flashing patterns or constant colored illumination to reflect your brand image. A glow from the wash bay can be a highly effective marketing tool to draw more attention to a wash site, encouraging consumers to take notice and keep existing customers coming back again and again. It’s one incentive for purchasing a membership package.

5. Incentivize customers to purchase a membership

A loyalty program is a great way to gain new customers and keep current customers engaged. In addition to the bottom-line impact, the combination of a loyalty program and corresponding software allows car wash owners to truly understand their customers. First, connect with customers. Next, engage them with a loyalty program. Finally, optimize strategies based on the insights gained.

Turn these five secrets into strategies and boost car wash revenue. Reach out to OPW for more information on car wash solutions or support.

This post is sponsored by OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

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