Excel Fuels Rebrands to VP Racing

Part of aggressive expansion plans in Oklahoma

SAN ANTONIO -- Excel Fuels, one of the largest independent petroleum distributors in Oklahoma, has partnered with VP Racing Fuels in its retail branding program. Oklahoma City-based Excel plans to convert each of its 11 corporate-owned E-Express locations to the VP brand with 29 independent locations to follow. Each store is expected to carry VP’s race-fuel blends as well as VP’s array of consumer products. VP Racing Fuels

“The first thing that caught my attention about VP’s program was the option to buy fuel on the open market, which saves us 8 to 10 cents per gallon and makes us much more competitive,” said Neal Do, president of Excel Fuels LLC. “At the first station we converted, these savings enabled us to match the price of a super independent we compete with, and we’ve already seen a 30% increase in gallons. Not only are we making more money per gallon, we’re selling more gallons.

“VP’s brand also helps differentiate our sites from the competition with a premium look, a premium reputation and race fuels that are the fuel of choice for performance enthusiasts,” Do added. “VP’s race-fuel blends represent an additional profit center for our dealers and are something no other brand can offer. In addition, VP’s credit-card fees are the lowest in the industry, which has saved more than $2,000 per month at one of our stations. We’re also happy that, despite the change, retail customers will be able to continue taking advantage of Excel’s popular loyalty program.”

“We’re extremely pleased to welcome Excel Fuels to Team VP,” said Alan Cerwick, president of VP Racing Fuels. “Neal Do immediately saw the advantages of our program and is going all in with race fuels, VP Small Engine Fuel and VP Madditives, with long-term plans to offer VP101 unleaded performance fuel at the pump once the program is established. Our partnership with Neal will provide a big boost to the expansion of VP’s brand program in Oklahoma.”

Based in Oklahoma City, Excel Fuels LLC was founded in 1998 with a single store that it leased. After enjoying robust growth in the ensuing years, Excel now owns all its property including retail stores, a corporate office and state-of-the-art distribution center.

San Antonio-based VP Racing Fuels is a leader in race-fuel technology, fueling participants in every form of motorsports on land, sea and air since 1975. As part of its retail branding program, gas stations/convenience stores across the United States are being branded as VP Racing Fuels, with each providing distribution for VP’s other product lines, including ethanol-free VP Small Engine Fuels, formulated for 2- and 4-cycle portable gas-powered equipment; VP Madditive performance chemicals; and VP/PowerMaster hobby fuels for R/C Racing.

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