ExxonMobil Woos Moms With Laughs

Comedian highlights time-saving tips for parents in new video campaign

IRVING, Texas -- Ever drive your baby around in a car to get it to fall asleep? That’s the “ancient Exxon and Mobil sleep method,” according to comedian and celebrity mom Jenni Pulos, who stars in ExxonMobil Corp.’s new video campaign.

The inspiration behind the campaign was a national survey that revealed how far parents would go for extra time. It found, for example, that 30% of parents have secretly wished to be stuck in traffic so that they have some time to themselves. If given an extra five minutes in the day, 69% of parents would rest in a soundproof room and 24% would eat a slice of pizza by themselves.

The video campaign includes three pieces:

  • Pulos’ “momologue” from behind the wheel of the car, as she tries to keep her baby asleep.
  • A rap on the forecourt, in which Pulos sings about “more plans than minivans and no time in the day,” and how ExxonMobil’s Synergy gasoline offers “no foolin’, quicker fuelin.’ ”
  • Spot interviews with moms and dads at the fuel pump about how they would spend five extra minutes 

ExxonMobil is focusing on the topic of time in its pitch for its Speedpass+ app and Synergy gasoline, which contains seven additives said to protect a vehicle’s engine and improve gas mileage. This means less time fueling up and more time with the family, according to the company.

The video campaign comes a few months after Chevron added an “unbeatable mileage” marketing claim to its Chevron with Techron and Texaco with Techron gasoline, and launched its own advertising campaign. 


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